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Wanderlust is a German word that was adopted into the English lexicon in the early 20th century. It means a “desire to travel,” and no time period is more popular for wanderlust than the summer months. The kids are on break, temperatures hit their peaks, and the days are endless. What could be better?

There are all sorts of travelers in the world, and there is an abundance of destinations that suits their needs and desires. While the beach vacation is the most stereotypical of summer trips, we decided to transcend that in the May/June issue. Instead, we focus on destinations that stimulate our minds and curiosities. Travel is about relaxation, and also about adventure, intrigue and romance. It should challenge our minds and get us to think about what our sojourn has taught us about ourselves and our purpose in life.

I want to propose a challenge for all of you. Wherever you take your summer vacation this year, don’t just come back to your day-to-day lives with a suntan and a trinket from the souvenir shop. Bring back something special and irreplaceable. Maybe it’s a lesson, or a unique memory, or a reminder of what you love about life. Come back reinvigorated with the goal of becoming a better version of you. I hope you accept this challenge and I encourage you to comment below about your summer vacation resolve.

Happy and Safe Travels!

David Grana,



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