Alex Ansel got the nickname “Koolaid” in the sixth grade. The label has been his identity ever since.

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Alex Ansel took on the nickname “Koolaid” in high school.  “I don’t remember being funny. I just remember being me,” the comedian said.  Credit: Joshua Pullin

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Alex “Koolaid” Ansel’s home club is Laugh Out Loud in San Antonio, Texas.  Credit: Alex Ansel

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“Koolaid” has performed at other venues in Las Vegas including Planet Hollywood, L.A. Comedy Club at the Stratosphere and the Dirty at 12:30 at the South Point.  Credit: Alex Ansel

“Struggle is great for creativity”

“I was wearing a shirt that might have been a little snug on me,” the 34-year-old comedian recalled. Ansel embraced the comparison to the Kool-Aid mascot in his pursuit of making people laugh.

“All of the stuff I got in trouble for at school, I get paid for it now,” Ansel told Aliyah Media.

Weighing approximately 500 pounds, down from 550 pounds at his peak, “Koolaid” isn't the first larger-than-life comedian who rattles off material about his size.  In his show “Squeezed: The Funny Side of Losing Weight” at Señor Frog's in Treasure Island on the Las Vegas Strip, self-deprecating humor dominates the first part of his act.

“They call me Koolaid because I'm all up in your fridge. They call me Koolaid because I'll stain your couch,” reciting his lines. And that's just the beginning of the jokes about his own size and America’s obsession with food. The audience energy is high, and “Koolaid” rolls with the punches.

“But I'm more just than a fat guy,” Ansel told Aliyah Media. “I can show people how funny I am without doing fat jokes,” he explained. He chronicled his journey from middle school funnyman to performing in the world's gambling mecca. Hard work and long nights got him this far.

“Koolaid” worked in retail in San Antonio, Texas, from a young age. His ten-year stint selling electronics at Circuit City ended with the chain's demise. Ansel used his pink slip setback to his advantage.

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Ansel and legendary wrestler Jake “The Snake” Roberts met a professional wrestling show and did routines across the Lone Star State before arriving together in Las Vegas.  He credits Roberts with helping him lose weight and make healthier decisions. Credit: Alex Ansel via YouTube

“Let's go full force with the comedy,” he said to himself. Earning a paycheck from his first paid gig in 2009 inspired Ansel. Flea markets, biker bars, lowrider shows and malls are all venues “Koolaid” has worked. He was doing up to 90 shows a year—all while working six years at a comedy-driven driving school, cracking jokes to lead-foot motorists who weren't in the audience by choice.

A happenstance meeting at a wrestling show with actor and professional wrestler Jake “The Snake” Roberts changed everything. “We hit it off. We clicked,” Ansel said. The two Texans toured together, and it wasn't long before he moved in with him in Sin City. Roberts got Ansel juicing, dieting and exercising.

Determination and long nights got “Koolaid” to where is he now. “Struggle is great for creativity,” he said of his positive mindset. “There are so many people out there that are bitter and angry,” he observed.

Ansel’s next step is getting on stage in LA or New York, and his philosophy to achieve that milestone is what he recommends for anyone: “Hustling and working your butt off.”

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