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Aliyah Media predicts that this year will mark the fourth meeting between the Warriors and Cavs in the Finals.

If we were to judge everyone’s picks for the NBA Conference Finals from the beginning of the season, it would appear that everything is going according to plan. The Rockets and Warriors are in the Western Conference Finals, and the Cavs and Celtics will get to battle it out in the East. In spite of Steph Curry’s absence due to an MCL sprain for much of the end of the regular season and the first round of the playoffs, the Warriors’ path to success has been quite smooth. And, barring a couple of minor hitches, the Rockets have coasted most of the way to this highly anticipated match-up.

The East has been a bit more drama-filled, with major changes to the cast of characters in Cleveland and a near-knockout in the first round at the hand of the Pacers. And while the Celtics could have used Kyrie Irving’s help to defeat Milwaukee in a series that went the full stretch in round one, they seemed energized and full of conviction against a surging 76ers team.

NBA Finals Prediction:

Golden State Warriors


Cleveland Cavaliers

These are the very best match-ups that each conference could possibly give us. Each has an experienced squad that has met in the the three previous Finals, facing a young and talented roster with championship potential written all over them. And while I would love nothing more than to see a James Harden - Terry Rozier NBA Finals, I see this being the year of Warriors - Cavs Part IV.

The Eastern Conference Finals starts on Sunday, May 13 in Boston, and the Western Conference Finals begins on Monday, May 14 in Houston.

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