Camden Market - London, United Kingdom

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There is a whole aura of mystery and rebellion around Camden Market, and the surrounding neighborhood of Camden Town. It most recently came to the world’s attention when one if the area’s famous inhabitants, Amy Winehouse, died tragically. The entire area from Camden Lock to the Roundhouse was an industrial site in the 19th century, with distilleries and warehouses, all dedicated to the production of world-renowned gin. Over the course of the following 200 years, Camden Town evolved into one of the most famous retail and leisure destinations in London.

The Camden Market that we know today was established on Saturday, March 30, 1974, when sixteen vendors set up their tents to sell antiques, jewellery, arts and crafts to the public. And 44 years later, you can find international street food, independent fashion brands and eclectic dance clubs in and around the market. Located next to Regent’s Canal, the market is open every day and has over 1000 stalls where one can experience all the delights of shopping, eating, drinking and dancing in an “alternative” and quirky atmosphere. A definite must-see spot for anyone visiting London.

Camden Lock PlaceCamden Lock Place
London NW1 8AF
Opening Times:
Open everyday: 10:00am-late
Including bank holidays
Times may vary for each business

El Rastro - Madrid, Spain

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El Rastro is the oldest and most popular open air market in Spain. It opens every Sunday and public holiday throughout the year, when stalls are set up at Calle Embajadores and the Ronda de Toledo, making the streets teem with life. It began as a venue for trading and selling antiques and slowly evolved into a peculiar mix of craft, random chinese products and flea market. Although antique and second hand objects still can be found at El Rastro, nowadays it mainly sells new products. Tourists and locals will venture down numerous alleyways in search of items such as new and vintage clothes, customized jewelry, decorative goods, leather goods, vinyl discs, prints, drawings, and your bog standard, typical souvenirs.

The brick and mortar stores around the market are mainly antique shops that are open daily. A tip for any novice of El Rastro is to not simply stick to the main street, which mainly consists of of clothing stalls. The real treasures are found in the alleyways, where unexpected surprises are abundant. And don’t forget that bargaining is a must, not only at the stalls, but also in the surrounding shops. When you’ve concluded your shopping marathon, you can pamper yourself with tapas and beer in one of the many bars of La Latina, one of the oldest neighborhoods of Madrid.

El Rastro Market
Along Plaza de Cascorro and Ribera de Curtidores.
28005 Madrid
Opening Times:
Every Sunday and public holiday of the year.
9:00am to 3:00pm.

Shuk Ha'Carmel (Carmel Market) - Tel Aviv, Israel

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Image: Joshua Rosalis

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Image: Beatriz Lizenberg

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Image: Joshua Rosalis

The word Shuk (Souk in Arabic) has its roots in Aramaic and means “open market”. Every big street market in Israel is called a Shuk, and there’s practically one in every city. Shuk Ha’Carmel, otherwise known as the Carmel Market, is nowadays considered a meeting point for hipsters and trend spotters. Lined with chef-owned stalls, bars, and traditional fruit and vegetable vendors, this market is a cornucopia of textures, smells and colors. One is always guaranteed to find something to excite the senses, including food, flowers, clothes, judaica, bars, restaurants, and more.

Carmel Market features a unique mix of Israeli, Arabic and European cultures. Don’t be surprised to find traditional Yemeni cuisine next to a French pastry stand. While the locals shop for their weekly groceries, tourists are enchanted with the lively atmosphere, as vendors loudly announce their daily specials. It is absolutely worth a visit, whether you need to buy tomatoes or just try one of the best jachnun in town.

HaCarmel St, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Opening Times:
Sunday to Thursday: 7am-7pm
Friday: 7am-4pm
(closes earlier during winter)


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